Let us know what are TRAKR Tags and how do they ensure safety.

TRAKR tags are smart wearable hand bands which use BLE technology to interact with surrounding tags. The tags are assigned to each worker to monitor their behaviour and track his/her movements by sending beacon messages. Anchor nodes are put in different locations of the work area. These can be used to identify workers’ location in real time and communicate the information from the tag to a central gateway. The cloud gets data from the gateway. Depending on the data, the cloud can generate mail or SMS notifications.

Its key features include:

  • Rechargeable battery with battery life: 12-15 hours.
  • Visual, vibration and audio indications
  • One button alarm activation

For social distancing and contact tracing:

In the wake of COVID-19 situation, it is important to screen the people moving into factories and maintaining a record of people coming in contact with each other. This data can help in identifying people who are at risk of getting infected and can be quarantined or tested accordingly. Incase a worker is corona positive, it would be easy to track all the people whom he/she had physically interacted with and the areas he visited. This would be easily possible with TRAKR tags which would ensure proper contact tracing and disinfection measures are taken to resume work.

How does it work?

A tag is given to each employee. The tags communicate with each other autonomously and alert the employee when within range of another tag. Whenever a social distancing violation is detected, a real-time notification is sent to the employee and supervisor. The tags also store the information about the duration of the interaction between the employees. This data from the tag is backed up in a central server which is then used for contact tracing, i.e., automatic identification of who came in close contact with an infected employee


To avoid machine-man collision in an industrial workspace, we have the Pedestrian Alert System (PAS).

Working of Pedestrian Alert System (PAS):

Pedestrian Alert System cautions MHE operators about the presence of a pedestrian (worker) at a settable distance between 0-10 meters. The system consists of nodes that are mounted on the MHE and TRAKR tags worn by the workers nearby. Multiple nodes (generally more than 4) are put on the MHE to ensure that there is no blind spot. Depending on the MHE model, the machine can be configured to automatically slow down or stop as soon as any worker comes too close to the MHE.


Asset Location Tracking or RTLS (Real Time Localisation System) is a solution designed to track location of assets using TRAKR tags and to get real-time visibility and actionable alerts. These tags are configured to enable companies to track it in an industrial/ construction setting.

How does it work?

The solution involves placing a TRAKR tag on each asset that needs to be tracked. The tags broadcast messages at regular time intervals which is captured by proprietary TRAKR anchor nodes. The data is then used to triangulate the location of the asset inside the factory. The data from these routers is then sent to the gateway over a wireless mesh or a WiFi network. The gateway server processes this information and generates reports like daily asset location, moved tags, missing tags, etc. The reports can be viewed locally on the computer or cloud with notifications sent over email.