In the wake of COVID-19 situation, it is important to screen the people moving into factories and maintain a record of people coming into contact with each other. In case some person is corona positive it is easy to track all the people whom he has physically interacted with and also to understand the areas in which the person was working to take proper disinfection measures and resume work.




TRAKR Tag features:

Contact Tracing

Whenever a person is coming close to other employees it is important to keep a record of all the people he has interacted with so far, so that this data can help in identifying other people who are at risk of getting infected and can be quarantined or tested accordingly.

Local Alert

The tags communicate with each other autonomously and alert the employee when within range of another tag.

Duration of interaction

The tags store the information about the duration of the interaction between the employees


The data from the tag is backed up in a central server which is then used for automatic identification of who came in close contact with an infected employee

Rechargeable battery

Tag battery lasts for more than 15 hours.


Vibration, audio and visual alerts are available.

Optional features:

Movement Zone Identification

Depending on location, factories can be divided into multiple zones. Whenever a person moves, the data about the zones where the person goes is stored in the tags. It is important to maintain a record of these and store the information such that it can later be used to identify places to be disinfected.

Real-time Update

Whenever a social distancing violation is detected, a real-time notification is sent to the supervisor.




Tags are battery-powered hand bands, tags use BLE technology to interact with surrounding tags and can capture the information whenever another tag comes close by.

Routers (Optional)

These routers will be deployed across the factory and the information of which zone the router belongs to can be stored in it, there will be multiple routers in each zone, these routers keep records of all the people who are moving closer to it. All the details will be stored on a cloud or local server, whenever a violation happens, for example, a person who is supposed to be in zone 1 is visiting zone 2 such action can be recorded and an alarm or a special notification can also be sent.

Gateway / Upload Nodes

Gateway is responsible for sending the data directly to the cloud. and an SMS alert also can be sent when the person is in the factory. Tags can also communicate with cloud/local servers and push all the contacts so far to make the information readily available.


The server hosted in cloud processes all the information received from the tags. Whenever a worker is notified to be infected, the system automatically sends alerts by SMS and email to all workers who came in close contact with the patient.



The SARS-COV-2 virus can sustain for a long duration on a surface. Public areas and utilities like buses, washrooms, conference rooms, lifts, etc become a hot zone for transmission. Regular sanitization of such facilities has been suggested. But doing so is hard especially when the volume of people using the facility is high.


Because of the small size of the SARS-COV-2 virus, it can be present as an aerosol. The virus can remain aerosolized for a long time esp in closed areas like lifts. Flushing in toilets can cause the virus to become aerosolized due to high-pressure water release. Thus the chances of other person contracting the virus are very high.

UVC rays are extremely good at disinfecting at scale but also cause harm if humans are exposed to it for a long time. Our system works to ensure human safety from exposure at all times.

Motion sensors: An array of motion sensors are deployed in the area to detect human presence. Only when the sensors detect no motion, does the controller switches on the UVC light. 

Voice Alarm: An audio is played to warn the human of the beginning of the sanitisation procedure.

Red Light: A red light will also be on as long as the UV light is on.

More redundant systems like people counting cameras at entry gates can be added to improve the person detection & ensure no human presence inside the sanitization area.

*This product is supported by CAWACH – DST

Ensuring that employees maintain social distancing is very important. Workers need to ensure at least 6ft distance from each other at all conditions.

Using video analytics on existing CCTV cameras, we identify if people are not following the social distancing rule while working. An automated warning announcement can be made over the PA system (Public Announcement system) so that the workers can take action self-action.

The data is also collected and transferred to the central server where the supervisor can take action on defaulters.

To be launched soon